Ken is new to the Palm Desert area, and what a gain for all of us here in the Desert! He's very easy going, nice, and REALLY knows his stuff. He gave me a terrific, easy to maintain haircut, and beautiful highlights. He's reasonably priced, (especially for being on El Paseo!), and I can't wait to make another appointment! I've found my guy!
This guy listened closely to what I wanted, talked it out with me until I felt confident that he knew just what I wanted, then delivered! The cut was perfect, the color even better, and when I went back to get my roots touched up, he pulled the highlights through and blonded my hair up perfectly! He's also really easy going and I love talking to him. No awkward silences or chatty Kathys like some other hair stylists I've been to. 10/10, great stylist. I doubt I'll ever be disappointed by Ken.


Kenneth is super.  We visit the Palm Desert area for a few months each year and I always worry about my hair growing out. No more!  Now that I have found Kenneth, I'll worry no more. This year he cut my hair twice and applied highlights.  I feel like I look great.  We are leaving now to go back to Colorado - but I'll look forward to him doing my hair next winter!  I am very particular about my hair.  I had a super great hair dresser in San Francisco who taught me what to look for.  Kenneth has the skill and the passion!  He's a great guy and I heartily recommend him. What an enjoyable experience!

--Susan S.  


I'm a hair stylist and I am very picky about my hair. It's long course and very thick, I had Kenneth cut and style my hair and I was very very impressed. I would recommend him to all. Very talented hairstylist and I can't say enough good things

--Ashley H. , Palm Springs, CA

After a visit to a hair salon some of our friends will say "oh you had your hair done", pretty standard. I was in a hurry to get a trim before Easter and ask Ken to please do what he could with my mop. Now the comments from my friends are "That is the best hair cut you have every had" and they are right. I looks great, even with the wind blowing it falls right back into place. The best cut I have ever had!  Best haircut ever! Ken was able to work me in for a last minute trim ended up being the best cut ever. All of my friends have said how good my hair looks and it just falls right back into place if it gets messed up. Ken is so easy going making the complete experience a very relaxing visit. He is new to the desert, we are lucky to have him!

--Stephen M., Palm Springs

Ken just gave me the best and most precision cut ever. He is focused and fabulous.  Thank you Ken.  Friends have actually asked me if I had work done.  I guess I shall have to make regular trips to Palm Desert.

-- Norma T.


About a year and a half ago I found Kenneth Love by googling "best hairstylist in Sacramento".  His name came up so I read the reviews and thought well I must try him.  It took about a month to get my first appointment but  I have not been disappointed with my hair since!  He has grown me out of a bad haircolor and cut and my hair has never been easier to style and maintain.  I appreciate his approach to maintaining the integrity of your hair, the best haircuts, and he is always punctual with my appointments.  So happy I don't have to worry about my hair anymore!

--Susan E., Rescue CA

I have been getting my hair cut and highlighted by Ken Love for 15+ years and I have loved every cut, every highlight.  I trust Ken when he says "what do you think about doing ..."  I just tell him to do whatever he thinks and it comes out great every time.   Ken is always going to classes to learn what is new in cutting and styling hair and about new products; he absolutely knows the best products to use for each type of hair.  Ken cares about his clients and wants them to look their best. I look forward to my appointments with Ken, it gives me a chance to relax, be pampered and come out with a great looking hair style.

--Cheryl K.,  Elk Grove CA


Ken is new to the Palm Desert area, and what a gain for all of us here in the Desert! He's very easy going, nice, and REALLY knows his stuff. He gave me a terrific, easy to maintain haircut, and beautiful highlights. He's reasonably priced, (especially for being on El Paseo!), and I can't wait to make another appointment! I've found my guy!

--L.G., Idyllwild Pine Cove, CA

Ken Love is a wizard with hair. I have been to many stylists over the years, and Ken is by far the best. He is able to intuitively come up with the right cut for one's facial features and lifestyle. His haircuts are sleek and simple to care for. Due to my time limitations as a working Mom, I am unwilling to spend a significant amount of time on my hair in the mornings. He respects that, works within those constraints to come up with a style that works for  me.Yet he has a wide spectrum of  styling skills and can individualize those for each client. Finally, Ken is down-to-earth, engaging and easy-going, very genuine with a great sense of humor.  Visits to him are a lot of fun, always a pleasure.

--Gail W., Sacramento CA

If you want an amazing hair stylist, Kenneth is the one.  I make it a priority to get an appointment with him whenever I visit my daughter.  He's the best stylist I've ever had, you will be transformed!

---Gwen F.

I've been going to Ken for several years in Sacramento on the recommendation of a co-worker.  He's the very best and I can't say enough good things about him.  Very professional, courteous, punctual and offers the best hair advice.   I used to think I knew what worked best for my hair, but Ken knows so much more and everything he's ever suggested for my hair type (I don't want to spend more than 5 min a day on it) have been spot-on. 
My son is now one of his clients, and he sometimes forgets to make future appointments (as young adults are prone to do), but he'll always wait for Ken to be available rather than going anywhere else.  Ken is very accommodating and does his best to fit him in.  Overall, Ken has done a more than exceptional job on both me and my son's hair, and we are extremely pleased with his work.  I HIGHLY recommend him.

---Becky M. Sacramento CA


Ken is always extremely polite, professional and makes me feel at ease. (He's also just a great guy!) I trust him implicitly with my hair. He stays up to date on the latest techniques and works with great products.  He is great at listening to his clients' needs and combining those with his professional recommendations to come up with a really great look!!

Roxana F., Sacramento CA


Kenneth is the best stylist I have ever had and I'm over 40! That's a lot of stylists! Ken is so hard working and conscientious. I have been thrilled with my hair from day one. While Kenneth is modern and creative, he doesn't mind that I like to keep my hair fairly simple. He makes it as beautiful as it can be and he does it enthusiastically EVERY time. He is very reliable and grounded which I find rare in a stylist (no offense intended!). In 4+ years he has never even been late or rescheduled an appointment. The quality of products is stupendous. I love just relaxing in his chair knowing I don't have to worry about what he is going to do. He always makes my ordinary hair look extraordinary and he really cares. I've sent a couple of friends to him and now they look the best they've ever looked as well. There is not one bad thing to say about Kenneth Love! Try him, you'll be hooked too!

Carie W., Sacramento CA

I have been going to Ken for over 18 years and not only is he an incredible stylist, he is a wonderful individual to be around.  He really listens and translates that to my hair.  I have never walked out of his salon unhappy and in fact, have sent several people to his salon, some friends, and some who came up to me on the street because they liked my hair.

I can say that in over 18 years Ken has never mixed up one of my appointments. I, however, have had to cancel last minute on one or two occasions due to illness or an emergency meeting.  I am sure that was not convenient for Ken, but as always, he handled it like the consummate professional he is.

Karen S., Sacramento CA


I have been going to Ken for 18 years. Ken knows the best look for me is blond, long, and sleek. He has saved me from myself when I have demanded that he chop it off, or make me a redhead. Ken can sooth a broken heart. Obviously, I won't let anyone else touch my hair.

Krista, Vallejo, CA

I have never had much success at getting 'styled', so most of the time I settled for a barber pole and some outdated Popular Mechanics. Every time I tried a 'salon' I never like the cut, how it grew out, and strangely enough, I never received any complements on my hair style. I recently went to Ken at the suggestion (insistence) of my girlfriend and now I am hooked. He knew exactly what to do with my pointy head and insanely curly hair. He was smooth and fast as well as interesting to talk to. Most importantly, my hair stayed looking great as it grew out. Now I don't want anyone else to touch it.

Latimba V., Vallejo CA

THE VERY BEST!  I found Ken 15 years ago, and what a true blessing.  Ken has always given me an excellent cut and color!  There are times I go in and just want a change, but have no idea what to do.  I completely trust Ken, to let him do whatever he thinks would look good, and  LOVE IT each time. He's a warm, professional, and very kind individual, with all the up to date hair styling techniques.  Ken uses only the best products, and WOW, what a difference they make.  He has a way of making you feel like you've known him for years. Not only do I have an amazing hair stylist, but I've also gained a great friend over the years.  He's very popular, so I make my appointments 1 year in advance :)

Kimberly S., Elk Grove, CA

Before I found Ken, I always had bad hair days but I am quite happy to say that in the past 7 plus years of being in Ken's capable hands,  my hair cut and color have never disappointed me.  Ken is a genius with hair!

Denise R.,  Roseville, CA

I have been getting my hair cut by ken for 10 yrs.  Thank goodness he convinced me so long ago to get rid of my dated and not so great hair style.  For the last 10 years I have felt amazing every time that I walk out of his salon and I always receive so many compliments... He is really that good!!! He is also so nice and a pleasure to spend time with while he is working.

Carie F., Sacramento, CA

Honestly, there is no other like Kenneth Love when it comes to hair. Ken has been doing my hair for almost 8 years now and is consistently good every time!  There is a lot to be said about a stylist who treats you like you are royalty each time you come to see him. Not only does he listen to exactly what I want, but he actually will follow through and give creative suggestions along the way. I take great value in my hair and can be a bit more on the pickier side, so when Ken kept giving excellent cut and color, I couldn't switch to anyone else nor would I! My only suggestion is to preschedule in advance for your next appointment because his schedule is in high demand, and I can see why. His work is full of integrity.  He will never try to sell a product he doesn't believe in or one that doesn't work with your hair. What I love is that Ken is always honest and up front with me and continues to give professional service that always leaves me a satisfied customer. Try Ken! You won't ever leave disappointed.

Kimberly B., Sacramento CA


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